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Classroom Drumming Benefits

The one thing most children in the United States have in common is how many hours they spend in a classroom. This time away from home is used to educate them in a variety of subjects and social norms, but it can also be the perfect venue for establishing a lifetime of healthy skills. One such skill is drumming. Drumming has emotional, mental, and physiological benefits for children, enabling them to succeed in the world of academics as well as their communities. Classroom drumming may be just the antidote teachers and schools need for addressing behavioral and discipline issues among students.

While drumming can be a wonderful asset to the classroom environment, it is helpful to keep a few things in mind. First of all, success with drumming is not contingent upon expertise with the instrument. Studies have found that even people with no previous or formal experience with drums benefit from their enjoyment. Classroom drumming can be implemented without training or rigorous study. Anyone interested in drumming need only acquire a drum and the world of percussion is theirs to explore.

Another thing to keep in mind is that classroom drumming need not break the bank. If there is not a musical program in place that has the instruments desired, the teacher can acquire a single drum and use it for all the children. It is possible to play call and response games with the students, having them use their desks as their drums. In fact, the teacher can use a desk, as well, in lieu of an actual drum. One of the great things about drumming is that a person doesn’t need an actual drum to participate. Almost any hard surface will do and many famous drummers have stories about drumming on any available surface.

Classroom drumming is not only fun, it is a useful tool for keeping everyone on track. It can be used to help students transition from one activity or station to another, it can be used as a way of communicating certain desires, and it can be something that unites the entire classroom in a few moments of fun. Play has a remarkable ability to make learning easier, so using drumming to help with the education process can be a valuable tool. Like any tool, drumming has the ability to improve life when used well. Classroom drumming may become an asset for even the busiest classrooms.

28th Oct 2014

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