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Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

Nestled in 40 acres of trees in the town of Wappingers Falls, New York, a spiritual and artistic oasis has grown just 65 miles north of New York City. The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors is a sanctuary of self-reflection and a place where art inspires sacred development, encourages mystic change and lends itself to the spiritual transformation of people, thought and deed across the globe.

The inspiration for CoSM began as a dream of two artists living in Brooklyn, NY. The Sacred Mirrors, a series of 21 framed images, including paintings and etched mirrors, were created over a ten year period from 1979 through 1988 by artist Alex Gray. These images examine the anatomy of body, mind and spirit in rich, stunning and life-size detail, inviting the viewer to see themselves in their various stages of physical and spiritual development and layering, granting insight into the wonders of the human body, mind and spirit.

Gray and his wife, Allyson, a spiritual artist who incorporates sacred writing into her own work, dreamed of building a chapel in which The Sacred Mirrors and other art could be displayed to the public, becoming an integral part of spiritual development and evolution through the art's message. This dream began its own reality in 1996 when The Foundation for the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Ltd. was formed. In 2003, upon the advice of a Shaman, the Grays began holding full moon ceremonies in their home, establishing and growing a sublime community that was officially recognized as a religion in 2008.

After settling The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors in Wappinger in 2009, the Grays extended their vision to incorporate a retreat center that hosts workshops and activities like drum and dance circles that are perfect for the spiritually-oriented djembe player. CoSM still hosts full moon ceremonies, as well as solstice and equinox celebrations, keeping firm to its roots while establishing an inspirational presence in the world through innovation, creativity and spiritual inspiration. Artists, musicians, dancers, authors, scientists and spiritual teachers come to CoSM to reflect, to create, and to find their own divinity through nature, art and community.

The Chapel of Sacred Mirrors continues to evolve as its community grows. Alex and Allyson Gray have future plans for CoSM, including a dedicated chapel on the property that will house The Sacred Mirrors series, inviting people to experience the art as it is meant to be shown – within "a sanctuary for seeing ourselves and the world as reflections of the Divine."

29th Oct 2014

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