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Cajon Drum Accessories

The Cajon is a versatile drum that continues to grow in popularity throughout the world. Its versatility and sound are especially alluring to percussionists looking to add to a drumming repertoire, while at the same time, it can be a solution for a drummer constantly on the go. Cajon drums are sturdy, constructed from wood such as pine, birch, teak, or even oak that color the tone of the rhythm, while still supporting an all-night drumming session, or the drummer sitting upon the Cajon seat.

Like most drummers, the ability to accentuate the sound of the Cajon is appealing, and the availability of Cajon accessories continues to grow, creating a new world of percussion sound and style. Meinl makes a hi-hat specifically for the Cajon, as well as a Low Hat Stand that, at a minimum height of 27”, is perfectly sized for Cajon players. Schlagwerk has the Shake Hands Shaker that augments the sound of the Cajon with a little shaker flair as well as the Schlagwerk Krix Cajon Foot Tambourine, that is made to slip into the shoelaces of the Cajon player, adding a little jingle to each tap of the foot.

In addition to the unique sound enhancements for Cajon drums and drummers, some of the best accessories are those that protect the delicate nature of its wood, preserving the instrument for years to come. Keeping a Cajon inside a Cajon case while traveling or in storage can help retain its beauty and sound by reducing the effects of weather, dust and damage. Cajon pads are also a great way to eliminate damage to the Cajon, and help prevent slippage while playing.

Cajon drums are popping up in all genres of music today, from Latin and world music to country, jazz and rock, these drums continue to find a path into the world of mainstream and modern music. These drums offer a unique sound that can resemble a standard drum kit, but are also able to groove with the best of the beats in all music. The ability to scale the Cajon drumming experience to greater heights is especially enhanced through the use of Cajon accessories.

29th Oct 2014

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