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Bundle Up Some Drums, Hand Percussion and More!

There is no greater pleasure in life than the feeling of beating out a great rhythm on the head of a djembe or other hand drum… unless it is finding that drum nestled snugly in a package with even more percussion greatness. The beauty of a bundle of instruments can be seen in the joy of a drum circle fan’s face when he or she understands that now even more people can join in the fun. A percussionist loves bundles because each instrument can bring a fantastic new nuance to the beat. Beginner drummers love bundles because they are nothing but a glimpse into what is possible.

Our favorite bundles are designed in order to create the most of drumming and hand percussion. We love creating a unique blend of sounds with bundled instruments, giving drummers the chance to experiment, create and find inspiration. Imagine the possibilities with a Djembe, some shakers and a tambourine jingle stick… or the “peas and carrots” experience of Conga and Bongo drums. For more practical drummers who want to maintain the quality of their drum, we have bundles that include carrying cases. And then there are those who just want a whole new sound experience with accent percussion, and, of course, an X8 Drums shirt.

Bundles are one of the best ways to delight your favorite drummer, percussionist, teacher and more this holiday season (and the rest of the year!). Without a doubt, a bundle of drums and percussion instruments will be a gift that is remembered for years to come, and since bundles can be shared, you can even get your chance to rock out! There is a whole new world of sound available when you shop our bundles, and even better, a whole new world of fun.

Beginner Djembe Package

28th Oct 2014

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