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Building Your Business with Drumming

The business world is evolving, just like the rest of the world. More business leaders are realizing that fostering relationships and a sense of community is vital to success. In the past, being cut-throat and clawing one’s way to the top may have worked for some, but that model of leadership leaves a lot to be desired. Corporations that focus upon unity and bonding as part of their team platform find themselves with happier employees, as well as higher yields.

These realizations make it easier for you to build your own business with drumming. Studies show that drumming eases tension and stress, helping people lead calmer lives. This, alone, is a great reason to bring a drum circle facilitator to your company. These days, employees are often faced with longer work hours and greater work demands.

In addition to reducing stress, drum circles have an ability to unite people in new and different ways. In the corporate world, drum circles help create and strengthen bonds among coworkers and create joyous memories that contribute to feelings of well-being at work. Happy employees are more productive employees. When you look to build your business with drumming, you are looking to inspire creativity and leadership within the people who make your business succeed.

X8 offers drum circle facilitators who are trained in creating the positive effects you want to see in your business. Working with our facilitators, we will ensure your business meets the goals of its next company retreat using methods that are both entertaining and educational. X8’s Corporate Drum Circle and Team Building Service specifically works to improve both leadership and cooperation in your business. Using rhythm and drums, the lessons imparted will stay with your employees for a lifetime.

Music is something that touches us all and the act of drumming makes music more personal and more relevant. You can build your own business with drumming by creating events that leave all levels of staff moved and united in the happy pursuit of creating music together. Drum circle facilitators have studied how drumming builds community and empowers business development. By fostering both cooperation and creativity during the drum circles, you are sure to see more of both in the workplace. No matter what kind of business you have, you can build a better version of it with drumming.

28th Oct 2014

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