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Bongo Drum Love

Bongos make the world go ‘round, in more ways than one. These drums are some of the most versatile hand percussion instruments available. Bongos are great for the young and old, can be worked into just about any music genre and are easy to transport for both professional and personal use. Because of the simple complexity of these drums, their importance can easily be overlooked, but it is the sound and style of the Bongos that can enhance a rhythm and be the driving force behind some of music’s most memorable and amazing songs.

Take a look at some of these great Bongos!

Gon Bops Tumbao Bongos: Available in three finishes, these Bongos are professional quality instruments that are built for quality sound and professional style. Plantation-grown Parawood gives these Bongos strength in a solid-stave design and a sturdy base for a hot rhythm.

LP Fiberglass Bongos: For the Bongo player who appreciates strength and durability without compromising sound, these drums cannot be beaten. Fiberglass shells, steel reinforced bearing edges and natural rawhide heads all come together to create a classic sound for years to come.

Meinl FWB190 Free Ride Series Wood Bongos: With a patented “Free Ride” suspension system and hand selected buffalo heads, these Bongos are designed with premium sound in mind. Rubber wood shells create resonance while providing a canvas for colors and designs to fit the Bongo player’s distinct personality.

Rafael Padilla Signature Bongos: Designed with professional Bongo drummers in mind, these drums were built for optimal sound without sacrificing appearance or quality. These Bongos feature tapered shells made from Asian Oak and bison skin heads.

A distinctive percussion instrument recognized around the world, the Bongos represent Cuban culture, Latin Music, and a fun, playful rhythm. These drums are not only known within performances and recordings, but are also well represented in drum circles, community drumming events, therapeutic settings and at home.

29th Oct 2014

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