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Best Bang for Your Buck: Choosing Your Drum Circle Drum

You finally took the plunge and hit up a drum circle with a friend… and you were hooked. You were part of the rhythm, the community of drummers, and you were even able to sample a few different drums and hand percussion instruments. You are so in love with the drum circle vibe, you know you have to go back again, and again. Obviously, your next step is to buy your own drum, but, how do you choose which drum will best express your inner groove without breaking the bank?

Choosing your drum usually begins after experiencing a drum circle, community drum jam, or just because of a curiosity about different drums and percussion instruments.  There are countless hand drums available today, from major manufacturers and even a few made by a unique drummer down the street. While price and affordability is always a consideration when choosing a drum circle drum, the durability and quality of the instrument should be just as important. Nobody wants to spend money on a drum circle drum that cannot keep up with the rigors of drumming, transportation and the sampling by other, less experienced hands.

What may truly be more important than the issues of affordability and quality construction is the type of drum (or hand percussion instrument) you are drawn to. A drum circle drum is an extension of your personality and love of rhythm, from the djembe drum to a set of Boomwhackers. Many people carry bongos and maracas into the drum circle, while others are happy with a cajon drum. A drum circle drum can be a child’s toy or a “street drummer” bucket. Essentially, as long as the drummer is in love with his or her drum circle drum, the “best bang for the buck” has been found.

When choosing a drum circle drum, always keep the entire investment in mind: cost, quality and your own love of the instrument chosen. From there, the best bang for your buck will be reflected in your undying love for your drum and the adventures that drumming will bring.

What was your first drum circle drum, and how did you discover it was “the one” for you?

16th Jul 2014 Kristin Stancato

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