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Benefits of Online Djembe Lessons

Learning to play a musical instrument can seem like a daunting task for many of us. In a culture that is largely focused upon perfection and getting everything achieved quickly, the time and mistakes that go into learning to play an instrument are often relegated to the domain of childhood. Even children, though, are often given daily schedules

Computers and Internet service can help make life in a fast-moving world feel more accessible. There are so many videos available to help us learn to play the instruments we love that we almost don’t have an excuse to keep from learning. In addition to the instructional videos that are available, there are also instructors that use video conferencing technology to administer private lessons.

There are many benefits to learning an instrument, such as the djembe, online. First of all, you have many options available to you no matter how much money you have to invest. There are many free lessons available as videos and you can watch them as many times as you want. There are times when we are not sure how committed we would like to be to an instrument and these free videos can help us explore our commitment level without spending too much money.

Another of the benefits of these online drum lessons is that they are available around the clock. When you want to hire a local musician to teach you to play an instrument, you have to be available when it is suitable for the instructor. However, online djembe lessons offer more flexibility. Whether as videos, which can be accessed and watched twenty-four hours a day, or as a video conferencing lesson through Skype or something similar, the hours of availability broaden tremendously. Perhaps you only have time to practice your djembe at two in the morning. Well, it is daytime somewhere in the world even though it is the middle of the night in your area. This benefit of online djembe lessons means that you have more freedom to live your life the way you need to live it.

Online djembe lessons also encourage learning by watching videos online, exposing the learner to various drumming styles. Learning to play the djembe by watching various drummers in various video clips can help relieve the new player stressor of playing imperfectly simply because the instructor’s methods cannot be replicated exactly. For instance, there are basic hand positions and beats to learn, but every drummer does not look exactly the same while playing. Playing a djembe is an experience that may look different for each drummer even though the same basic techniques are being used. With the continuous evolution of sound and video technology online, anyone can turn a love for the djembe into a lifelong passion.

28th Oct 2014

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