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Becoming a Drumming Teacher

Drumming is a passion that can ignite a person and encourage the motivation for creativity and artistry like no other. It is this need to share the wonders of rhythm and drum with the world that can turn a person into a drum circle fanatic, a rock star drummer or even a force of inspiration through teaching drums. Truly, when it comes to sharing the love for drums and rhythm, perhaps there is no better way to value this passion than to become a drumming teacher.

There are several ways to become a drumming teacher today, each with its own benefits and challenges within the process. Teaching others how to drum, the history of drums and drumming and personal tips and techniques requires experience, first and foremost. Through a school-based drumming program, or through years of hard, independent study, the experience is gained. Many students look for a drumming teacher with credentials, while others are thrilled to find a teacher who shares a love for a specific style of drumming. In either situation, the more experience the drumming teacher has gained, the better an instructor he or she will be.

For credentials outside of performances or those provided by colleges and music schools, there is always the option of specific training programs for drumming instructors. For instance, a person who enjoys hand drums, like the djembe, may find programs for drum circle facilitators and allow them to run programs in schools, corporations or communities.

Of course, with the ability of the Internet to provide a stage for anyone, it is always possible to produce drumming instruction videos for the online masses in order to showcase skills and talent without a need for formal drumming teacher training.

No matter the path taken to begin teaching drums, the effect a drumming teacher has on students can be life-changing. Sharing a love for drums and rhythm is one of the best parts of drumming, and devoting one’s time to continuing that tradition is priceless in the world of music today.

What are some qualities you look for in a drumming teacher?

28th Oct 2014

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