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Austin Youth Fight Hate with Drums

X8 Interactive Drumming recently teamed up with the Anti-Defamation League as part of the organization’s No Place for Hate® initiative, a nationwide campaign designed to empower school communities, including teachers, students, administrators, and parents, to tackle prejudice, bullying, and intergroup conflict. Our X8 Interactive Drumming team facilitated an interactive drumming session with youth from various Austin schools. The students had a blast, and so did we! See for yourself in this awesome video of Austin youth drumming together to fight hate.

Drumming is perfect for the No Place for Hate® program because it offers a fun and unique way to bring youth together to break down walls and make way for open communication. Everyone has to work together to create and maintain a rhythm, making participants feel valued and united as one. There’s also something empowering about wailing on a drum. It allows you to release pent up feelings and focus on keeping a steady rhythm, which can be almost meditative. And, of course, it’s an activity everyone can both perform and enjoy, which means no one is left out!

Whether you want to promote a hate-free environment at your school, empower youth, provide an innovative team building experience for your office, or strengthen a particular community, check out our interactive drumming programs for an innovative approach to conquering all of the above.

28th Oct 2014

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