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Austin Creative Classroom Fund and X8 Interactive Drumming

Drumming in the classroom creates such a great environment for children, benefiting academic pursuits, social and self-esteem issues, communication, creativity and so much more. For many teachers and educators who understand the benefit of drums in the classroom, it may seem like a detriment to kids to not have some sort of rhythm program in schools around the country. While a one-time lesson in rhythm may be the starting point for a student to begin to explore music, but, as research shows, the benefits of a drumming program that encourages growth and mastery can encourage improvement in academics, problem-solving and so much more. With school budgets consistently short on arts funding, finding a means to incorporate the lessons of rhythm within a classroom can be difficult... but not quite impossible, especially for teachers in Austin, Texas.

In Austin, we are very fortunate to have the Austin Creative Classroom Fund (ACCF) to help local teachers find funding for programs and activities that help build and sustain complimentary skills through artistic and creative endeavors. The ACCF supplies funds to encourage the development of artistic development within the classroom, including classroom-based programs available from X8 Interactive Drumming.

As partners and supporters of mindPOP, we encourage any teacher or educator in the Austin Independent School District (AISD) to submit an application for the ACCF, and to learn about the wide range of benefits for all students who are able to participate in a drumming program.

For more information on the ACCF, please click here: Apply for 2014/15 Austin Creative Classroom Funding

28th Oct 2014

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