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Artist Profile: Roy Mayorga

Bringing different styles and techniques of drumming together is one of the most significant moves a drummer can make when it comes to building a long-lasting, interesting career. It is hard to find a great drummer that has not mastered drumming for several types of music, bringing a personal connection to the genres into the drummer’s own unique style of playing.

Combining metal, punk and rock with Latin American flair, Roy Mayorga has earned his chops as a drummer with the style, ability and drive to perform and record with some of the greatest punk rockers today. Mayorga began his career at age 15 by forming his own band, Youthquake. From there, Mayorga’s taste for the driving rhythms of punk, metal and rock propelled him into the New York crust punk scene. Mayorga was seen drumming for such bands as Nausea, Crisis and Shelter before joining Soulfly, a Brazilian metal band from New York. In 2006, Mayorga joined metal band Stone Sour after drumming with Sepultura in Europe. He continues to drum for Stone Sour as well as other projects including Amebix.

Mayorga is more than a drummer, more than a musician. Beyond his Sabian cymbals is a musical force that is just as driven and talented with producing and engineering as with his signature drumming style. A multi-instrumentalist, Mayorga also composes soundtracks and film scores including Legion and Shudder. In 2011, Mayorga suffered a minor stroke while on tour with Stone Sour. The band subsequently cancelled the rest of its tour dates, but has promised to return once all members of the band, including Mayorga, are back to full health.

Roy Mayorga is noted for his unique style of drumming that flavors punk and metal rhythms with the talent and knowledge of a multi-faceted musician. Fans of Mayorga enjoy the diversity he brings to rock, punk and metal, his tremendous style, flair and obvious passion for music and drumming.

16th Jun 2015

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