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Artist Profile: Rich Beddoe

With little biographical information available, the stereotypical mystery of a drummer is alive and well in Rich Beddoe, one of the members of Canada’s alternative rock icons, Finger Eleven. For fans of the genre, Finger Eleven brings its fans a look into the longevity of a band that was originally formed when it’s members were in high school. Today, with five released albums and a Juno Award for Rock Album of the year in 2008, Finger Eleven and drummer, Rich Beddoe, are proving that success in the music industry can be a result of great songs, hot rhythms and the friendships formed through a love of music.

With just a glance at Beddoe’s drum set, the very nature of his drumming is evident. With nine Sabian cymbals, including the Sabian APX line, Beddoe clearly delights in the nuances of sound and tone that a variety of cymbals can create. Using five crash cymbals, the poplarity of Finger Eleven songs like “The Last Scene of Struggling,” “I'll Keep Your Memory Vague,” and perhaps the best-known song, “Paralyzer,” are just a sample of this musician’s ability to create a connection between the vibe of a song and the rhythm that pushes it toward excellence.

As a drummer, Beddoe has brought his own style and flair into the genre of alternative rock. From his first performance with Rainbow Butt Monkeys in high school, to the evolution of a young band into rock stars, the sky is the limit for Rich Beddoe.

16th Jun 2015

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