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Air Drumming: You’re Not Crazy

For any drummer, percussionist or other musician, there are always moments when we hear a song and want to join in, as if we were part of the original concept of the song. Some sing, belting chords for pleasure, others strum invisible guitars along with the rhythm guitarist… and the ultimate in tribute musicians flail arms and pump invisible beats along with the music. These are the drummers in the air bands of our lives.

It may be a shock to see someone bust out an airdrum solo, or you may even enjoy air drumming yourself. The activity is something is a beloved hobby, or even a passion, full of desire to recreate a full-on rhythmic experience like none other. It may be quiet in terms of sound, but, air drumming is certainly not an activity to be ignored. It is something we do for pleasure and to have fun with; we don’t need a drum set to take everywhere with you, only the energy and confidence to act like you do. In truth, if you are a drummer, nothing can really stop you from joining in on your favorite drum roll.

Air drumming is a fun way to increase our vitality, and that of others around us; not only are we listening to the music, but it literally has a way of moving us to greater heights. It is a method of practice, of fine-tuning our own styles and sense of rhythm. We feel the vibe rather than just analyzing it and the art becomes apparent. We experience it in a physical manner and suddenly we understand why we wanted to be a part of that metal garage band in high school.

After thinking of all the times you burst out into some sort of spastic drum solo, remember that no matter the embarrassment level, you are a drummer. Drummers have a rhythm all their own, and we have no regrets. We don’t need an excuse to enjoy ourselves and have a good time with our music. Air drumming is something we do because we feel like it, nothing else. If we have the passion and desire to sit and air drum, then we all know we are in great company: epic drummers and those who are just waiting to find their own groove.

28th Oct 2014

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