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A Shout Out for Some Cajon Love

Hand percussion has always been a part of music and rhythm, no matter the genre or style played. In a sense, these instruments can help flavor a song, or add interest to a drum circle, as each has a unique sound and even method of playing. Hand drums are acoustic instruments, making them perfect for drum circles and intimate performances, but when it comes to trying to incorporate more of those sounds with less fuss, many percussionists turn to the cajon drum.

Cajon drums have a fantastic history and culture behind their creation that makes them unique to percussion and rhythm. It is the historical ingenuity of the cajon drum that continues to spark new and innovative additions, such as snares or different types of wood, cajon “styles,” shapes or even the size. There has been such an interest in these drums that more and more manufacturers are creating their own lines of cajon drums, giving drummers and percussionists a wide range of choices to keep the sound fresh, alive and completely unique. Accessories for cajon drums have also become more abundant, as the drummers look to blend other percussion instruments with the sound.

What makes the cajon such a great percussion instrument is that it is not only portable, but, can essentially replace an entire drum set. It has the ability as a hand drum to give a warmer, natural sound to acoustic or unplugged performances. Cajons can take the lead in a drum circle or community drumming event and these drums are not only great for choreographed performances on the street or on a stage, but, they are great drums for beginners to learn how to explore rhythm. Perhaps it is the adaptability of the cajon, especially considering the roots of its creation that compels this drum to continue to make a joyful noise in the world of music and rhythm today.

Whether you are just starting out with drums and rhythm, or, you are a professional looking to increase your repertoire on stage, a cajon drum can be the perfect addition to your quest for beautiful rhythms. With the simplicity of design and versatility within all music and rhythm engagements, the cajon is a drum that deserves a whole lot of love.

28th Oct 2014

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