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A Drumroll for Dads

Fathers have a bit of a reputation. These men are generally known as the wild parents and many are happy to live up to those silly legends. When it comes to music, creativity and the developing personalities of children, it is important for children to have some exposure to the maniacal, rock star qualities that many men embrace as part of being born male in such a musically rewarding period of time. From fans of Neal Peart to djembe-banging drum circle facilitators or R&B drumming masters, the expression of music and rhythm can take on a different feeling when it comes from a father figure. Whether teaching kids to drive grandma crazy on the drum kit or simply banging out beats at the dinner table, dads rock.

This is a salute to all dads. Dads who don crazy outfits and wow kids in the neighborhood with unforgettable guitar sessions. Dads who teach kids to softly beat on the kitchen table after mom has already reminded everyone that it is inappropriate to drum during mealtimes. Dads who take Rock Band entirely too seriously, much to the delight of their amused young’uns. Grandfathers, uncles, mentors and friends who take on the role of a dad, you're included, too. We know you're awesome, and sometimes, we just don't say it enough.

Many kids begin life in awe of their parents; they can’t believe there is anything parents cannot do, especially dads. Not all dads are well versed in the musical arena, and who could live up to the reputation of Super-Rock-Dad, Dave Grohl? In fact, it takes a special kind of man to put his lack of talent and skill out there in the name of his children. Not just anyone is made for such a vulnerable display of mediocrity and grit. Yet, for the children who get to see a dad rock out, it becomes less about the music or drum beat, and more about the man himself. Every dad should know the significance of musical disability and how rewarding it can be for children to experience it. Music and rhythm can be a great equalizer for all relationships, with mutual memories and experiences enhanced by a personal, family soundtrack. The song, the beat, the sharing of music can benefit everyone in the family, from the angsty teenager to the tantrum-throwing toddler.

Not all dads feel like they have the beat of humanity coursing through their veins, but this salute to dads is not about prowess, it’s about exposure. We salute the fathers who embrace both their strengths and their weaknesses and, doing so, help create another generation that is able to do the same. Sometimes, musical talent isn’t about being the best drummer, but about being available and making an effort. With Father's Day approaching, and the understanding that sometimes fathers do not get the credit they deserve, it is important to recognize those figures in our lives. For dads about to rock, we salute you.

28th Oct 2014

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