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4 Reasons Why Drumming Retreats Will Save Your Sanity

Finding the right path to self-discovery, wellness and creative expression can be lead by the beat of the drums. Drumming is not only a musical hobby, or professional passion, but, it helps engage the mind in ways that prevent the day-to-day stresses of life from interfering with what is really important: the beat. Particularly for hand drummers, this experience can be found throughout the year at drumming retreats, in which techniques are learned or refined, or drummers are encouraged to go deeper within and discover their authentic selves. Drumming retreats may, in fact, save the life of the drummer, or, at least provide the time to let go and just drum.

Drumming retreats will:

  • 1. Encourage your love of rhythm, music and community. You will be exposed to different drumming styles and the history of others’ drumming journeys. You will no longer feel crazy for knowing the differences between a djembe and ashiko… you have found your tribe.
  • 2. Provide you with more inspiration to buy more drums. More drums will lead to buying more drums. Drums are good. So very good.
  • 3. Make you take a vacation. Even if just a day out of your busy life, you will be devoted to your drum(s), your pursuit of rhythmic glory, and you will discover that there is life outside of social media, the daily commute and your annoying neighbor who refuses to drum with you.
  • 4. Inspire your life. You will leave the drumming retreat with the understanding that now YOU must become a drumming guru and share your absolute most amazing experiences with everyone who walks by. This inspiration will lead to new levels of creativity; both while drumming and as you pass the time away, commuting to the office to plan your next drumming retreat.

Because drumming retreats offer the chance to get away from the stresses of life, as well as provide an engaging, fun, community-based activity, there can be no doubt of the sanity-saving benefit these events can offer.

31st Jul 2014 Kristin Stancato

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