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2013 Halloween Drummer Costume Ideas

It’s that spooky time of the year, again, where everyone searches the Internet for the perfect costume. In the drumming community, most think that being a drummer is enough character to last the whole year, but, sometimes, even a drummer has to bust out a new rhythm, right? As a service to the drumming community, and world at large, it is time to reflect on our favorite drummers, percussion innuendo and get ready for Halloween, as only drummers can do.

2013 X8 Drums’ Halloween Costume Ideas:

Crazy Cajon: Grab a cardboard box, or, whatever is handy that you can easily strap over your shoulders and fit inside to emulate your very own cajon drum. Not only will cats love you, but, you will win the most historically accurate costume prize, and, be a friend of all those recyclers in your neighborhood.

Green Man Group (or Solo): Miss the auditions this year for Blue Man Group, or, just want to gain extra candy through pity? Make up your own group – paint on the latex, color it your own way, and head out into the neighborhood or to that annual party with a PVC pipe and a grin. Or, just the pipe. It’s hard to smile through rejection… and latex.

The Drum Circle: Tie, strap, tape and affix as many hand percussion instruments to your body as you can possibly hold, including ankle bells and finger cymbals. Since you may not be able to move, be prepared for an unscheduled drum circle to commence as strangers rush to your aid and start up a rhythm.

Djembe Bacon-eater: We figure that no matter what you’re dressed up as, once you mention bacon, you’re good to go.

The Gong: Head out on Halloween as a real gong. Not only will people admire your spunk and creativity, but, you can practice your martial arts moves by avoiding being hit. It’s a full-range of sensory experiences that will make this Halloween your most memorable, yet. Unless, of course, you get hit in the head a lot.

Heartbeat: Or, if it’s been a bad year, you could be “heart break.” Regardless, be a life-size valentine on Halloween, complete with a hidden drum that skips a beat, a heartbeat that races or whatever strikes your drumming fancy to express your inner rhythm. You could even be a “heart attack” – because everyone will get the pun, right?

Because drums are awesome, and Halloween brings out the best in everyone, this year, show off your inner drummer in a way that has never been seen before. Except bum bongos.

Nobody needs to scare away the kids like that. Ever.

Happy Halloween!

28th Oct 2014

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