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10 Reasons to Start a New Year’s Drumming Tradition

There is never a bad time to start drumming, but as the year winds down and people begin to think of the “fresh start” of the next year, a window of opportunity opens, just waiting to be filled with rhythm and music. The start of a new year is traditionally a time where people vow to end bad habits, start new habits, or try to establish new goals for the year, and there’s really no better activity to introduce (in our humble opinion, of course) than drumming.

As a public service, we’d like to share our top 10 reasons to drum in the New Year:

10. Drumming is fun. Everyone needs more fun in their life, and drumming doesn’t get much more fun than with a fabulous, funky Djembe. Djembes and other drums are not only fun to play, but just being around the rhythm can incite feelings of joy and whimsy, or downright fabulousness.

9. Drumming helps relationships. From family drum circles to community drumming events and even corporate retreats, the unity of drumming strengthens personal ties. Bust out a set of Bongos and watch your neighbors gather around the show in true block party style.

8. Drumming beats shoveling. For those in cold climates where snow is bound to gather, shoveling is a necessary evil. With drums around, it is much easier to put off the inevitable, giving your un-fun neighbors the opportunity to shovel your sidewalk while you happily play a motivating rhythm on your Congas.

7. Drumming also beats climate envy. For those in warmer climates that have nothing to shovel, a drum is the opportunity to express angst or joy over the lack of snow. It is pretty tough to forego winter coats, snow chains and hot cocoa in favor of sunshine and warm breezes. We feel your pain, and can only make the best of it with a snappy Djembe beat.

6. Drumming burns calories. Seriously, a furious session of drumming can definitely qualify as exercise, burning off the holiday treats that were so hard to resist. Not only that, but a hard-hitting Cajon or other drum beat can be a real motivating factor while running, lifting weights, during a Zumba-thon, or countless other fitness routines that just scream for drums.

5. Drumming makes people happy. Researchers and professionals in music therapy circles have seen great benefit from drumming and rhythm for those with depression, stress or anxiety disorders. Hammering out a rhythm on a Djembe brings out the best in everyone, beats the winter blahs and can be a source of happiness for years to come. Drumming is happiness.

4. Drumming is creative. From a distinctive Conga drum to a drum solo during “The Imperial March,” drumming brings out the creativity in everyone. This creativity does not stop with rhythm and song; it flows over into charismatic dinner party conversation and can even help with that really important job promotion.

3. Drumming is sexy. There, we said it. Countless men and women know the intense effects a musician can have on our romantic nature. Hand drumming on a Djembe or Bongos can show rhythm, style and flair, instantly creating a hot connection through music. Plus, even talking about drums has an undercurrent of passion, just think of drumming lingo, and see what comes to mind.

2. Drumming is music. There are many ways to connect with others, express one’s own creativity and have fun, but music brings all of those things together, plus more. Hitting Bongos and jamming on Djembes is one of the best ways to create music organically. Since music can mark special moments in life, then the drum is pretty well at the heart of everything amazing.

1. Drumming is drumming! Like there is really a better reason to drum than just the act itself. Whether on a Djembe, a Cajon, Bongos, Congas, or a nearby surface, drumming is awesome, plain and simple. Just ask a drummer. What better way to express one’s personal style, love of music and bridge cultural divides than with an all-out, heart-stopping frenzy of rhythm?

With the energy of the New Year approaching, it’s a great time to start up a new hobby or reaffirm your love for the skins. Drumming can be one of the best habits to develop, establishing connections, encouraging creativity and providing an intense foundation for fun and fabulous times throughout the year.

29th Oct 2014

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