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10 Drumming Movies That Will Complete You

What do drummers love doing? We love to drum. We drum on our drums, percussion instruments, desks, steering wheels, and sometimes, on ourselves. Look at Kevin Bacon right there - he's playing a tambourine

But, we have to sadly admit that drumming doesn’t always allow us to spend quality time with our family and friends. Or, if we’re sick or injured, we can’t necessarily pick up the sticks or grab our djembe and rock out. We’re only human, and once in a while, we have to put away the drums and look for something else to do.

Like watch movies… movies about drummers and drumming.

There are plenty of movies out there that are historically accurate and show the life stories of our drumming heroes, which can be inspirational and educational. There are also movies that show different cultural aspects of drumming, giving us insight into the evolution of the drums we adore. But, maybe because we’re oh-so-serious about drumming, we think a bit of humor, fun and levity is important in life, especially where drumming movies are concerned. That is why we present…

10 Drumming Movies You Must See... Now.

This is Spinal Tap: A cautionary tale about the dangers of drumming, including on-stage, spontaneous human combustion.

Wayne’s World: One of the greatest productions of the mind of a drummer during a drum solo.

Airheads: Even the most chill drummers can crack.

That Thing You Do! Drummers need love, too… and sunglasses.

The Rocker: More wardrobe concerns for drummers are solved…

Adventures of Power: Air drumming, FTW!

Hop: Even the Easter Bunny has dreams! (Plus, we had to have something to watch with the kids)

While drummers may never truly rest and relax, it is always good advice to take a day off. When you can’t be out there drumming, get some popcorn and grab those drum sticks or hand drum while you camp out on the couch to play along with the beat of these motion pictures. There are plenty of days that are perfect for drumming, and even a few when a drumming movie hits that sweet spot for you.

25th Nov 2014 Kristin Stancato

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