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Toca Wood Cajon, Bordeaux

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  • Toca Wood Cajon, Bordeaux
  • Toca Wood Cajon, Bordeaux

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Brand new Burl Oak Cajon from Toca Percussion. Larger than standard size cajons, the Toca Burl Oak Cajon measures 12.5"W x 20.5"H x 13"D.

The new Toca Cajon is constructed from premium materials that form a perfect resonating chamber. High-frequency finger slaps and awesome bass tones project well. To enhance traditional staccato rhythms, dual adjustable snares are included. A padded seat enhances player comfort without damping the resonance, while rubber feet raise the instrument up, suspending it for maximum resonance and protecting delicate floors. The Toca Cajon is now available in four finishes: Bordeaux, Burl Oak, Green Burst and Honey Burst.

  • Padded Seat for comfort while playing
  • Dual Adjustable Snares
  • Rubber Feet
  • Adjustable front plate for sound preference
  • Rubber feet, to prevent slipping
  • Crisp overtones and new and improved bass tones
  • Perfect for World Music, Flamenco and Unplugged gigs
  • Dark Walnut matte satin finish with Burl Oak front plate.
  • Dimensions: 12.5"W x 20.5"H x 13"D (21" from ground-rubber feet)

The performer featured above is Toca Artist, Nina Rodriguez, who has developed her own style of cajon drumming which evokes heat, fire, and passion to audiences listening to her sound. Nina plays congas, bongos, and djembe in addition to the Toca Percussion Bordeaux cajon, and is perhaps one of the most famous cajon players because of her nickname, "Hands of Lightning," which was earned because of her fast hands that create thunderous percussion beats on the cajon.

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