Online Lesson Download: How to Play Nhemamusasa on Kalimba

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How to Play Nhemamusasa on Kalimba with Joel Laviolette

In this lesson Joel Laviolette will show you step by step how to play all of the phrases of Nhemamusasa on a Dandaranyika Kalimba.

This lesson uses the custom Dandaranyika Kalimba which has 19 keys so it is made to play along with the regular mbira. Joel will teach you the kushaura (main melody) a traditional mbira song on the Kalimba, called Nhemamusasa.


  • Learn main melody on left hand (4 phrases), 6 notes per phrase
  • Learn phrases on right hand (4 phrases), 6 notes per phrase
  • Understand how to play with index finger (top row) and thumb (bottom row) so you achieve double plucking action
  • Work up to speed then play along with Joel
  • Learn about the Meter, song is in 12/8.
  • Run Time: 10:50

All profits from the sale of this lesson go directly to Joel's instructor in Zimbabwe, Newton Guara also known as Matemai.

Watch this song played along with an Mbira.

This video was made using the Dandaranyika Kalimba. Available now at

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