X8 Drums Surf Ocean Drum

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Lightweight and easy to handle, our Surf Ocean Drum features strong synthetic heads on both sides. The bottom head is opaque while the top head is transparent so you can see and better control the movement of the iridescent beads floating about loosely inside. As you tilt the drum back and forth, the beads slide freely from side to side, creating a highly rhythmic, rolling wave sound. Rotate the drum faster for a bigger, stronger crash and slower for a more soothing tones. An end cap allows you to adjust the inside fill, adding or reducing the amount of beads inside. The highly durable synthetic shell is splashed with colorful artwork and holds up to frequent play.

The Surf Ocean Drum isn't just for beach music, tropical tunes or Caribbean songs either. Let its breaking wave sound add a fun twist to whatever style of music you like to play. Measures 1"H x 14" Dia.


  • Durable synthetic shell
  • Synthetic heads on both sides
  • Dozens of iridescent beads inside
  • 1"H x 14" Dia.

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X8 Drums

2 Reviews

  • Posted by Betty Mendez on 3rd Nov 2015


    Good Value

    While the drum was almost a bit too loud (I discovered it was more muted when I turned it upside down), I still very much appreciate its addition to my drum circle instrument inventory. It's a great value in savings to your wallet.

  • Posted by Janet Handwerk on 11th Aug 2014


    surf ocean drum

    exceeded my expectations on what I thought I was getting. A very beautiful drum.