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At X8 Drums, we believe that there’s nothing more fun than playing a hand drum or handheld percussion instrument. The shekere is no exception. This West African instrument is traditionally made from a dried and hollowed gourd wrapped by a net of cords with hand-strung beads. Commonly used for folkoric traditions and in various styles of music, including West African and Afro-Cuban music, shekeres can be shaken, twisted, tossed, scratched, slapped, and tapped to create a variety of sound effects and rhythmic depth.

Expand your percussion sound by browsing our extensive collection of shekeres! X8 Drums offers both traditional gourd shekeres for a truly authentic sound and fiberglass shekeres for more reliable strength and durability. No matter which type of shekere you choose, you can trust that we’ve hand-picked all of our shekeres from brands with a reputation for delivering quality sound and detailed design.