X8 Drums Professional Padded Djembe Strap, Black

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Black double drum strap designed to support your djembe in comfort. The double-cross adjustable harness is designed to support your instrument for hours of play with extra padding in the upper back area. The easy chrome snaps just clip to the hardware on your drum and you are ready to play.

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Useful for most hand drums; djembe, dhols, etc.

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X8 Drums

9 Reviews

  • Posted by R Kath Moon on 20th Aug 2016


    Best in D'jembe Strap

    I have been a hand drummer for many years, and there are times when the need of a drum strap is essential. Not all straps are created equal, as some strain your back, or cause other pain and discomfort, when playing a heavy d'jembe. This strap is the best I've found, and the design distributes the weight of the drum equally and is adjustable for my height, or lack thereof. lol. Finest quality, fair price, totally satisfied.

  • Posted by Betty Mendez on 3rd Nov 2015


    Why did I wait so long to buy a Pro Djembe Strap?!

    I can't believe how awesome it is to facilitate drum circles with this x8 Drums Professional Padded Djembe Strap! Comfort and ease, fully adjustable, and the price can't be BEAT! Thanks x8 for all your great deals on quality products!

  • Posted by Nancy on 5th Oct 2015


    Great support - really comfy

    A heck of a lot better than my suitcase strap—it really holds the drum in place.

  • Posted by Unknown on 5th Mar 2015



    This strap is very comfortable and makes drumming while standing very easy. It's very adjustable, and works for my tall (6'4" frame). Another strap I tried wasn't long enough.

  • Posted by Kevin Harrington on 30th Jul 2014



    It helps a lot to have this strap, and it is very comfortable to play while wearing it

  • Posted by jerry gordon on 30th Jul 2014


    Adjustable djembe strap

    Just what I needed ...great service...drum on

  • Posted by AMIE MICHAEL on 11th Jul 2014



    Very comfortable, well made, and great price again!

  • Posted by roberto vega jr on 11th Jul 2014


    Djembe strap in black

    Comfortable, strong.
    The strap lets me be mobile on stage.

  • Posted by Kyle Melugin on 11th Jul 2014


    Double Strap Harness for Djembe

    I have been very pleased with this purchase. The material is really rugged and it's very well put together. I also love that the metal clips are larger than most I've seen on other harnesses. It prevents a lot of stripping on the lug screws. It's very easy to adjust and makes playing very comfortable.