X8 Drums Pro Djembe Belt / Waist Strap

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The X8 Drums Djembe Belt is a drum strap that you can wear around your waist and attach to your djembe for playing while you stand, sit or dance. It's very comfortable and the unique clasp system allows you freedom to change drums quickly during a live show.

The key to durability with the X8 Djembe Belt is is the hardware. We made it from metal to ensure that it can tolerate the weight of the instruments and any movement you might make while playing your drum. It was also important to us that the buckles were also made from metal to support the tension from the drum.

To attach your drum to the strap, put the strap around your waist, then clip both ends of it to the swivel end of the metal swivel clip. The spring loaded clip end of the metal swivel clip will be your tool for attaching to your drums. By adding this third clip to the equation, you allow yourself a little more room between you and your drum which makes it more comfortable and you can clip to your drums much faster due to the quick release design of the swivel clip.

If you are playing several drums in one session, this strap makes it very easy to switch in and out of your instruments without missing notes or stopping the music.


  • Attaches to any Djembe or Brazilian Drum
  • Length adjustable
  • Strong attachment hooks
  • Adjustable pad for ultimate comfort


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    x8 Drums Djembe Belt/waist strap

    Posted by Paul Sherrer on 14th Jul 2014

    prompt delivery and great product. cant ask for more than that!

  • 5
    waist strap

    Posted by Loretta Geisler on 14th Jul 2014

    very comfortable. I am more relaxed while playing w/belt on