X8 Drums Nesting Djembe Drums, 3-Pack with Bag

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The X8 Drums nesting PVC hand drums are great drums for traveling. Just like the traditional Russian dolls, two smaller djembes nest inside a larger one.

The shell is made of a lightweight, yet durable PVC material that is quite resonant and weatherproof. The finish is sealed with a clear coat to prevent scratches from showing even after years of use.

For drum storage, simply remove the drum head of biggest djembe drum and stack the smaller drums in. There are 3 available drum sizes, 8" (Pretuned), 10" (Pop Off Head), 12" (Pop Off Head). The price is for a set of 3 drums with a fitted bag for the set. 

The assembled drum produces a crisp, loud response. The drum head is weatherproof and offers sounds similar to a lead djembe drum.

When the drum head is removed from the shell, it can be played as a hand drum or frame drum.



  • Sizes: 16" Tall x 8" Head, 20" Tall x 10" Head, 24" Tall x 12" Head
  • Includes 1 bag to house the drums when nested
  • Dual purpose instrument; play as a djembe, ashiko or frame drum
  • Set of 3 Drums with Bag

Not sure about the size? Watch this video:

8 in. x 16 in.
10 in. x 20 in.
12 in. x 24 in.
Set of 3