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Tycoon Roundback Series Cajon with Bubinga Body and Makah Burl Front Plate

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Bubinga is known for it's deep, powerful bass and heavy-duty durability, but when combined with Tycoon's Roundback Series design, you get one bad cajon. This dynamic little crate will add a huge, funky bass to your rhythms, and adjustable snare wires can be fine-tuned to a nice rattle or subtle jazz sizzle. Well-suited for any style of music, this is one box you will never get tired of playing.


  • This innovative Cajon features a curved back panel which provides for superior bass tones
  • Bubinga Body and Makah Burl front plate
  • Individually hand-made and tested to ensure superior sound quality
  • Adjustable snare wires
  • Includes snare adjusting Allen wrench
  • 29cm wide
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