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Toca Percussion

Toca Synergy Synthetic Bongos, Red

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Toca Synergy Synthetic Bongos

  • 6" and 7" diameter, natural rawhide heads
  • ABS plastic construction
  • Traditional style hoops
  • Color: Red

After generations of bongos with shells made of wood or fiberglass, Synergy Synthetic Bongos delve into new sonic territory with shells constructed of high-tech ABS plastic. These unique shells are solid, dense, and reflective—all characteristics that lend themselves to outstanding bongo performance.

Synergy Synthetic Bongos feature shells with 6" and 7" head diameters, fitted with natural rawhide heads. This combination helps the drums produce clear, biting sounds in the high tonal range. The weight of the shells gives the drums a traditional playing feel, which is complemented by traditional-style hoops. The drums are also fitted with chrome tuning lugs and black powder-coated hardware.

Available in Deep Yellow and White finishes, Synergy Synthetic bongos are loud and bright. Their ABS plastic shells are also extremely durable. And because they’re part of the Synergy line, they’re exceptionally affordable—making them ideal for students, school bands, hobbyists, and anyone who’s looking for great sound and a great value.

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