Toca Freestyle Rope Tuned Ashiko Drum, Kente Cloth

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An Ashiko is a traditional African hand drum that typically plays the lower end of the sonic pallet with the purpose of supporting the lead players in an ensemble. The drum has a conical shape to intensify the low end notes of this instrument.

Toca's Freestyle Ashiko is a modern rendition of this drum. The shell is made from a lightweight, durable and extremely resonant PVC material. The drum stands 26" tall with a 12" head, making it almost a hybrid Ashiko/Timbao drum. Strap it on and play it while dancing (yes, it's light enough to do that no problem!) or stand it flat on the ground and play it while the built-in sound chambers in the base resonate the tone.


  • Dimensions: 26" Tall x 12" Drum Head
  • Rope Tuned or Mechanically Tuned models are available
  • Synthetic Shell and Synthetic Head make this drum weatherproof, lightweight and travel friendly
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