Toca Flex Drum with Strap, 3-Pack

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The Flex Drum is designed for easy transport without sacrificing too much on sound integrity. The drum head pops on and off in one motion and the shells can then be stacked inside each other saving on space. The drum heads can also be stacked so you can get a lot more drums into one storage area.

When the drum is put together it produces a bright, loud response and the head is designed to offer a range of tones similar to a djembe or ashiko. When you remove the drum head from the shell, it acts as a hand drum or frame drum.

The shell is made of a lightweight, yet durable PVC material that is quite resonant and weatherproof. The finish is sealed with a clear coat to prevent scratches from showing even after years of use. As adjustable, padded shoulder strap is included, allowing the drum to be played while dancing.


  • Size: 23" Tall x 11" Head
  • Includes shoulder strap
  • Dual purpose instrument; play as a djembe, ashiko or frame drum
  • Set of 3 Drums

Not sure about the size? Watch this video:

Extra Information

11" x 23"
Set of 3