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SE RF-X Portable Isolation Filter X

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  • SE RF-X Portable Isolation Filter X
  • SE RF-X Portable Isolation Filter X
  • SE RF-X Portable Isolation Filter X
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The gray sE Electronics RF-X Reflexion Filter X is a budget-friendly solution for vocalists, podcasters, and narrators who need to reduce unwanted room ambience while recording in untreated acoustic environments. This reflection filter merges technology from the upscale Reflexion Filter PRO with a lightweight body and an easy-to-use clamp assembly.

It features a four-layer acoustic filter design to effectively impede room reflections and keep sound coloration to an absolute minimum. The RF-X clamp assembly's lightweight design can be used on almost any microphone stand while allowing the position of your mic to be adjusted horizontally without moving your mic stand or the RF-X. Thanks to the L-bracket, you can also adjust the height of the RF-X.


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