Roosebeck Harp Bridge Pins 4mm x 31mm Small Groove 6-Pack

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Harp Bridge Pins, Threaded, Pack of 6.  These bridge pins are meant to fit the Pixie Harp (TM), Heather Harp (TM), and Minstrel Harp (TM). They are approximately 1.25 inches long, with a 5/32" diameter (37mm L x 4mm D). The one end has a groove that holds the string. The threading allows easier adjustments. The small natch near the head of the bridge pin accommodates thin gauge strings. These pins are hand made so expect some variation in size.

Pixie Harp - Bridge pin is for strings - 1-10
Heather Harp - Bridge pin is for strings - 1-9
Minstrel Harp - Bridge pin is for strings - 1-10

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