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Rama Sita Ngoma Drum, 15" x 46" with Beaters

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  • Rama Sita Ngoma Drum, 15" x 46" with Beaters
  • This image shows height of ngoma compared to a 25" tall djembe.
  • Rama Sita Ngoma Drum, 15" x 46" with Beaters
  • Rama Sita Ngoma Drum, 15" x 46" with Beaters
  • Rama Sita Ngoma Drum, 15" x 46" with Beaters
  • Rama Sita Ngoma Drum, 15" x 46" with Beaters
  • Rama Sita Ngoma Drum, 15" x 46" with Beaters
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This Rama Sita Ngoma Drum is truly one of a kind. We had just 1 unit made and it has finally arrived. It takes one of our master carvers approximately 500 man hours to carve the story of Rama & Sita over the entire drum shell. The detail of the faces and wild life are incredible. Use this drum as a breathtaking home accent or use it as a deep, rich drum. Carved from a solid piece of #1 quality premium mahogany logwood.

The Ngoma drum, a freestanding wooden drum that comes in various shapes and sizes, is an important part of the emotional connection between the physical body and the emotional spirit in African drumming traditions. Ngoma drums are widely in use for many different rituals and celebrations today in Africa and around the world.

Drum Specifications:

  • Matching Rama Sita Djembe Available
  • Average 15" playable surface, 46" tall
  • One solid piece of Legally Harvested, Environmentally Sustainable Mahogany Logwood
  • Comes with professional padded drum straps to secure the drum while you play
  • Drum beaters included
  • Thick goat skin head produces rich, rolling bass tones.
  • 3 carved feet opens the base optimal projection of tones
  • Lathe turned for uniform thickness
  • Built-in groove that is custom fitted to lock the ring/tuning system into place
  • Shells are kiln dried with up to 20 coats of teak oil to protect and preserve the wood.
  • Low Stretch Alpine Nylon HTB 5 mm Rope Runners with Handle
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The Story
Rama & Sita is a story about Prince Rama, the great warrior, who was married to the beautiful Sita.

Prince Rama meant to take over the throne from his father the king, but his wicked stepmother had tricked his father into sending him away into the forest. With him went his faithful wife, Sita where they lived a simple, peaceful life in a small cottage.

One day, Sita was spotted by a demon king, named Ravana. When Ravana saw the beautiful Sita, he immediately came up with a plan to kidnap her and make her his wife by tempting her with a beautiful deer in the forest.

When she saw the deer, she asked Rama to catch it for her. As soon as Rama left for his quest to capture the deer, Ravana swooped down and swept Sita up into his chariot pulled by winged monsters. Despite her terror Sita thought quickly and scattered her jewelry piece by piece as a trail for Rama to follow.

Rama seached the world for Sita following her trail of jewelry. She was discovered on a private island refusing to marry Ravana.

Rama led a long and terrible war fighting evil demons to rescue his wife. At the very end, Rama used a special bow and arrow that had been made by the sky god where wind and fire guided the arrow to pierce Ravana's chest in a blinding flash. Ravana fell dead in an instant.

All the world rejoiced. The reign of the demons was over and Rama and Sita returned to their own country to rule. In every home, an oil lamp was put in the window to welcome back the Rama and Sita and their great army. The royal ruled happily for many years until it was time for them to leave their life on earth and return to heaven.

For Hindus, this story shows how good will always triumph over evil in the same way as a little oil lamp will destroy total darkness.

A 17th century painting depicting Hanuman worshiping Lord Rama and his wife Sita. Lakshmana is also seen in this painting from Smithsonian Institution collection. Source
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