LP Micro Snare 8"

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LP Micro Snare

LP Micro Snare: 8" Inches of Pure Pop and Sizzle

The new LP 8" Micro Snare takes up where its younger sibling left off. Fully 8" in diameter, the LP Micro Snare delivers legitimate and credible snare drum tones that belie its small size. Whereas the original 6" Micro raised eyebrows, the new LP 8" Micro Snare will raise hairs with its increased volume and sizzling snare action, not to forget drum key tunability and ease of mounting.

Measuring 8" across and 3-1/4" deep, the LP Micro Snare is all about cutting snare shots and stunning sting-effects. Due to its slight profile and standard bar & clamp mounting capability, it will find its way into multiple percussion set ups, various nooks and crannies in conventional drumsets, and elsewhere where space is at a premium. A smooth, quick-release lever provides rapid shifts from open mini-tom to snapping snares-on tones.

The LP Micro Snare is a real deal snare drum and ideal auxiliary snare destined to spring up on rock, funk, Latin and jazz set ups. Guaranteed, this little number will provide a full-bodied, upper register wake up call!

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