LP Caribe Conga Replacement Head (WB925)

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LP mountable heads are easily put on your instrument - the process is almost identical to changing a snare or tom head. A lug wrench or ratchet will be needed to tune and detune the heads, and it is recommended to lube up the tension rods with oil before the initial tightening of the head. While the heads can be tightened to extreme heights, it is very important to detune congas and bongos after you are done playing them - if not, the pressure on the heads will stretch them out over time, and the hardware will suffer as well. Rawhide has been the traditional head used on congas and bongos for generations, giving you the most authentic sound possible. These heads are susceptible to change in different weather conditions. Fits the Caribe Conga.

Caribe Conga Replacement Head
Easy to Put On
Lug Wrench is Needed
Authentic Rawhide
Fits World Beat Congas

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