Gibraltar Bass Drum Cajon Beater

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Gibraltar's new Flat Softy Bass Drum Cajon Beater is a unique design with multi-purpose functionality. The three inch round self-aligning beater is made with a thick rubber inner pad topped with a layer of lamb's wool to give the soft, boomy vintage sound of old.

The Flat Softy has also been designed with cajon players in mind. Mount the beater on a single pedal, place on the front side of a cajon playing with the heel to get the most bass out of your cajon. Great for acoustic gigs where a standard bass drum prohibitively loud, this unique beater offers rich bass from a cajon as part of any percussion setup.

Cajon Beater Features:
Three inch round beater design with soft rubber pad topped with a layer of lamb's wool
Soft, boomy vintage sound on traditional bass drums

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