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The Doumbek is a chalice or goblet drum that is of ancient origin. Made from metal, nickel, ceramic, or wood, a wide variety of Doumbeks exist and often their appearance and what they are created from is based on where they originate. The drum itself is generally 18 inches high with a drumhead that is 10 inches in width. There are two main types of Doumbeks, Turkish and Egyptian. The Egyptian ornate Doumbeks have rounded edges and can be found covered in hieroglyphics or ornate designs. The Turkish Doumbek exposes the edge and makes it useful for finger snaps.

When playing a Doumbek, there are two main sounds that are possible. The 'Doum' sound is a deep sound that you can create by striking the head of the drum with your fingers and palm. The second sound is called 'Tek' or 'Ka', and is produced by using your fingertips and hitting the edge of the drumhead. It is also common to use the fingertips and a small stick to create beats.

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