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X8 Drums is an Authorized Dealer for Gon Bops Cajons and Percussion!

X8 Drums is pleased to announce its partnership with Gon Bops Cajons and Percussion, bringing this legendary brand of Latin drums and hand percussion direct to customers seeking quality instruments and unbeatable sound.

Gon Bops began manufacturing its drums in 1950s California, producing the highest quality congas available, and through the years, has come full-circle in the manufacturing and artistry of congas, bongos, cajons and percussion instruments as well as innovative drum hardware development. Committed to providing the world’s best Latin percussion instruments and drums, Gon Bops continues to manufacture its drums and percussion instruments through time-honored processes that utilize the finest quality materials, including select indigenous hardwoods used in instruments like the Alex Acuna Special Edition Cajon, one of the most popular cajons, worldwide.

As a leader in Latin percussion instruments, Gon Bops has been credited with the innovation of drums and instruments like the Djembe Cajon, Udu Cajon and Bongo Cajon and carries a full line of congos, bongos, bells, claves and shakers. X8 drums is thrilled to offer this fine line of drums and Latin percussion, bringing the value and reputation of this renowned brand to professional and hobbyist percussionists and drummers alike.

29th Oct 2014

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