X8 Community Drummer Spotlight: Rhett T.

About three years ago, I saw an ad in a community education newsletter for a circle drumming class and decided to sign up.  I was immediately hooked on drumming and since then, I have been drumming regularly, learning about different drums and types of music. I love to play my djembe and look forward to learning how to play the congas in the future.

Initially, I had borrowed a small djembe from my son, and the drumming teacher had congas. I started learning those, including samba and merengue rhythms. Then, I bought the Ramadan from X8 drums, I have acquired some congas and bongos and I have made my own cajon drums, as well.

Drumming is a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests and learn a new skill, especially for those without a great deal of experience playing an instrument. Drumming will expand your circle of friends, and you’ll find new circles and gatherings to join. Most of all, drumming is a fun way to spend time with other people!

There is never a bad time to pick up a great drumming habit! Thank you for sharing your story, Rhett, and enjoy that X8 Ramadan djembe drum!    


24th Aug 2014

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