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Why Buy Latin Percussion Congas (part 2)


The conga is sanded by hand while it spins on the lathe. Once the drum is finely sanded it is ready for the next step, the formation of the bearing edge. The bearing edge is the most important part of a drum, because this is where the drumhead is positioned. If this detail is not properly shaped and prepared, the drum will not provide ideal sound.

Latin Percussion has developed the optimum bearing edge design, one that is strong enough to take the extreme force of the head tension and yet smooth enough for the head to ride easily. If you were to remove the head from any LP brand conga, and rub your fingers along the bearing edge, it would be very smooth to the touch. The extra attention given to this part of the drum's manufacturing process enhances the overall sound quality, and also helps prevent the head from becoming frayed or torn. The interior area of LP brand congas is treated with a two-part clear urethane coating to reduce moisture absorption. Other manufactures often paint the inside of their drums to conceal a lower quality of wood.

The LP Galaxy Giovanni Series Congas are treated with a special formula stain, which is rubbed in by hand to highlight the beautiful grain. All LP brand congas are finished with multiple coats of a two-part urethane process, and are hand sanded between coats to produce a top quality furniture finish.


The conga is now ready to be fitted with hardware. All LP brand congas are fitted with tuning lugs manufactured from specially heat-treated, high-carbon steel that feature precision cut threads for smooth tuning, strength and durability.

LP's and LP Aspire's heart shaped side-plates and LP Matador's horn shaped side-plates are trademarked and world recognizable. Due to the enormous amount of the stress that is required to tune a conga head, the design of the side-plate is crucial. During the tuning process there is enormous tension pulling on the upper part of the side-plate. Because of this, LP brand side-plates are wider at the top to distribute the tension from the head and rim over a larger surface area. This provides for additional durability.

Latin Percussion congas have full interior backing plates to reinforce the side-plates (some manufactures tend to use only screws and washers). The backing plates securely attach the side-plates to the drum, distributing the tension over a larger area. LP brand congas are the only congas on the market today that reinforce the interior section of the drum at the point where the hardware is attached, with a layer of fiberglass. This added step provides additional reinforcement and prevents the conga from cracking or splitting.

Due to requests from percussionists throughout the world, Latin Percussion developed a rim that is more comfortable to play. With the help of advanced CAD technology, LP created the finest rim available in the world. Tested and approved by top players, the patented LP Comfort Curve II Rim features a broad top edge with a gentle, large radius curve. The high-strength steel and inert gas-welded construction makes it the strongest rim manufactured. For those percussionists who still prefer the traditional rim they are also available. The LP Matador and LP Aspire brands have also incorporated this design into their rims. LP Matador brand congas use the LP Matador Soft Strike Rim. LP Aspire brand congas use the LP EZ Curve Rim. Both rims are great values.


LP brand congas are constructed from the ground up with years of total commitment to authenticity. Innovative design, excellent research and development, the finest raw materials and skilled manufacturing processes are key elements in producing all LP brand congas. The knowledge gained from the 35 years of manufacturing experience is apparent in the unequaled quality of every LP conga, reinforcing the fact that LP is the "Percussion Leader for 40 Years."

29th Oct 2014

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