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What is a Drum Circle Facilitator?

Drum circles come in many different shapes and forms. There are probably just as many types of circles as there are the people who love the feeling and energy of drumming. With all of the choices, and the freedom-loving stereotype that claims many participants, the idea of a facilitated drum circle may seem counter-intuitive to the purpose of the circle. Drum circle facilitators, however, may have a different spin on the whole idea of drumming.

A drum circle facilitator is a person who not only has a deep knowledge of drums and drumming, but, he or she also has the ability to draw out a participant’s inner rhythm. That rhythm could be the simple beat on a drum, or, an unformed self-expression that has been waiting under the surface. A drum circle participant knows enough about drumming to understand the hesitation of a performance, yet, can model a behavior that proves mistakes are just a couple of beats away from a perfect measure. Drum circle facilitators are energy and passion, they are the love of an art that combines creativity and purpose. These leaders can take the most mundane day, the most emotional turmoil, and get everyone back to a place where the only thing that matters is the sound of the drums.

Drum circle facilitators are professionals who put their own concerns aside to share a craft that can change lives. They work, cajole and giggle to put the magic of rhythm into the hands of the uninitiated. They develop methods that touch the lives of those with illness or disability; they create programs that strengthen the bonds between people. They act foolish, jumping up and down, clapping and stomping, and they give participants a signal that it is perfectly okay to be the same way. They weave a rhythm of acceptance, motivation and inspiration, finding nothing but love in the simple action of beating a drum.

While many drum circles are spontaneous and just as important as a facilitated drumming event, adding an experienced leader can increase the enjoyment of the entire activity. Beyond the stereotype, a brand new insight into why participants are called into drumming can be easily seen in the actions of the drum circle facilitator.

28th Oct 2014

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