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Unlocking the rhythm with Nina Rodriguez

"Rhythm is everywhere and in everything." These are the words that Nina Rodriguez lives by, and her goal of "Unlocking the Rhythm" in life has put her at the center stage of performances designed to assist people with connection to the musical being within.

How exactly does she unlock your inner rhythm? Nina has made a career of facilitating "Rhythm Power" events, as well as leading "Unlock the Rhythm" and "Drumming with Nina" functions for corporations, public events, schools, and youth groups. The percussion group that Nina founded seeks to "enhance energy, health, social harmony and cultural awareness through drumming." At the events, the crowd becomes involved in mass djembe drumming, in much the same way that they would at a community drum circle. The goal is to create a spiritual lift within the participants, and as one recent member of the crowd stated, "When I arrived the energy you had going was so intense that I saw an empty chair and drum beside it, taking no time for me to get into the flow of the session. You made it that easy. Not only was everyone else engaged and clinging to your every word, they were having a great time doing it."

Unlocking the rhythm is popular with large, social groups and corporate events, but Nina's real passion lay in working with youth and children. Nina and her group perform frequently at local schools. The children enjoy the music and get caught up in the beat. It's a great way to introduce those participating to the world of percussion, as well as to open the door to the school's music program for future interest in drumming.

A Toca Percussion Artist, Nina Rodriguez has had a life long love affair with drumming. She comes from a family steeped in musical tradition, as her grandfather Henry "Papa" Garcia was a well-known bandleader. Her musical influences range from The Beatles to Tito Puente, and she is quick to acknowledge that this range of music helped influence her percussion skills. An accomplished studio musician, Nina has also recorded with Randy Travis and toured with Yehuda Glantz.

Nina is fortunate in her career, because she has found her true passion and calling. The enjoyment she gains from sharing it with others is a bonus, "Everyone has rhythm, but is not sure how to let it out. Through the universal language of music we are able to connect ourselves to a purpose -to a passion and it's from that place the music begins to flow." If you are feeling as though your spirits are sagging, drop into a local session with Nina and Unlock the Rhythm. The experience just may surprise you.

29th Oct 2014

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