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Tips for Beginning Drummers

Every rock star had a beginning. Even if your dream is not to become the best drummer on the planet, you need a good drumming foundation. Following are some basic tips that can help you develop your skills over time. Time is the key word here, because great drummers aren’t made overnight. With diligence and patience, these tips for beginning drummers will help create a master drummer.

Learning to tune your instrument should be a priority for any musician. Properly tuned drums will make learning easier and more enjoyable. Proper tuning also ensures your drums will last longer. There are many videos that can help you learn to tune your drums and asking a fellow drummer for help may be a good way to gain a mentor or community. Once your drums are properly tuned, it is important to learn to play correctly. Take your time and learn the basics. Drumming too fast or attempting complicated techniques could result in bad habits. There is no shame in being a beginning drummer and it is better to sound like a beginner at first than to have to go back to basics after years of drumming.

Practice, practice, practice. Get a practice pad so that you can practice any time you have the urge or availability. They are cheap and portable, making them a must-have for the beginning drummer. Practice pads are great for radio playing sessions, as well. When learning to play the drums, beginning drummers should practice all genres of music, not just their favorites. Use the radio to practice playing along to jazz, country, international, and other styles of music. This practice can help develop timing, another priority for the beginning drummer. Playing in time is the key to being a good drummer and if you are looking to play professionally one day, this ability can make or break your career.

Another great tool for beginning drummers is video and online drumming lessons. It helps to watch how other drummers drum, but not all beginning drummers have personal access to fellow musicians. Videos and practice pads can fill that void. Studying the techniques of other drummers and practicing them can help beginning drummers develop their skills and a good drumming video is a resource that can be revisited for brushing up on playing skills in the future.

Chances are, the beginning drummer has already decided on a music genre to play, but if not, this is the time to do so. The type of music the drummer plans on playing factors into what type of drum sticks to purchase. Proper sticks and these tips can help ensure that the beginning drummer creates good playing habits. Here’s hoping your great beginning leads to a satisfying mastery.

28th Oct 2014

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