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The Golden Silence of Practice Pads and Portable Drums

Being a drummer is more than appreciating music, a strong love for rhythm and a dedication to connecting to others through song. Drumming is also a talent and a skill, and as such, requires the drive to practice and perfect a beat, no matter the obstacles on the road to percussive greatness. No matter if you are a rockin’ drum set drummer, or appreciate the vibe of Latin music or the groove of a community drum jam, knowing that neighbors, housemates and even your parents aren’t as hot for your beat as you are is another lesson of rhythm. Whether it is late at night when the drumming urge strikes, or you just don’t have enough space for your skins, practice pads and portable drums are a great compromise to keep your solos smokin’ and your personal vibe alive.

Practice pads and portable drums come in a variety of different styles, each tailored to the type of drum that needs to be muffled. There are practice pads for drums that fit over the drum head of snare drums, bass drums and toms. Hand drums, like the djembe, can also be affixed with a practice pad in order to keep the volume low, as well as serve as a layer of protection during transportation.

For drummers that travel to practice with band mates, there are portable drum sets that can be easily set up and dismantled, while still allowing for a productive rehearsal. Music and percussion students can especially benefit from these portable drum sets, and there are many different styles, including portable conga drums. Because of space considerations for percussion instruments, a portable drum set also can be a great way for students to have a drum set in a dorm or apartment, while still keeping a low profile and level of sound during practice time. When there isn’t space for portable drums, practice pads that strap to the leg can replace a drum set, especially when practicing drumming rudiments or djembe lessons.

No matter the favored drums or style of drumming, the sound of a rhythm can create a problem with the uninitiated rhythm enthusiasts in the world. With practice pads and portable drums, any drummer can keep those solos coming, while avoiding any conflicts over the “noise” of the drums and rhythm.

How do you practice your drums without creating a noise problem for neighbors or others in your home? Let us know in the comments below!

28th Oct 2014

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