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Shaking Up Your Groove with Shakers

Sometimes, the beat of a drum can carry a circle or a song to a new height. The rhythm and spirit of togetherness, whether playing as a whole or playing to an audience, has the ability to create an even higher feeling of inspiration. And then, there are times when you just want something to shake while the drummer or drummers are doing their own thing.

Shakers are some of the most simple instruments, yet, can add a lot to a song or drumming event. With the varieties available today, or, even those that can be made at home, it could almost be said that no two shakers are exactly alike. Yet, these percussion instruments can be unforgettable.

Wooden shakers come in all different shapes and sizes, from blocks and eggs to tubes and anywhere in between. The sound and portability of wooden shakers make them perfect for all ages to master, providing a softer rhythmic experience.

Maracas are shakers, as well, and give the percussionist a more upfront sound than a shaped wooden shaker. They are more commonly seen than other shakers, particularly in Latin music, and are a staple in any drum circle.

Caxixi are woven shakers that resemble baskets in most forms. Traditional, teardrop-shaped caxixi can produce different tones depending on the angle they are shaken.

Ankle rattles and wrist shakers give a percussionist the ability to play another instrument, dance or sing while still playing in tempo with the beat. These instruments are commonly seen on belly dancers, as well as professional percussionists, and are a great way to enhance the sound in a drum circle.

With the shake of the wrist and the beat of a drum, a shaker gives any rhythm a formidable presence. These instruments allow for a great deal of individuality in playing, as well and providing memorable accents during any song.

28th Oct 2014

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