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Rhythmic Standouts with Drum Add-ons and Accessories

Drums are the rhythm keepers in any genre of music. Whether jazz or techno, a good drum beat can become hypnotic and alluring, adding more depth and sound to the music in sometimes inexplicable ways. Drummers hone their craft for decades, allowing who they are as people to become something we recognize and relate to every time we hear them play. When we listen closely enough, we can hear not only the rhythm, but the very pulse of the song inviting us to become one with it.

Drum set add-ons are a way many drummers choose to accentuate that pulse. By adding instruments such as blocks, mini timbales, and cowbells to your kit, you diversify the sound you create. Cymbals are the primary add-on; so much so that they are standard fare for a drum set. There is also a wide variety of cymbals available, giving drummers a lot of options when it comes to the sound they want to produce in various songs. Drum set add-ons take those options further. They allow you to change up the entire tone without ever leaving your seat.

A common add-on is the tambourine. The jingles, or mini cymbals, on a tambourine allow it to produce a bright sound which may compliment what you are going for with the cymbals. Tambourine add-ons come in many styles with some purposely designed to fit above your hi-hat. For harder hitters, there are block-style tambourines, allowing the drummer to explore the sound without breaking the instrument.

Another interesting drum set add-on is the timbale. For an add-on, timbales come in mini versions, as well. These add-ons are tunable, giving the drummer a reliably crisp sound. Add-ons also come in packs, allowing the drummer to experiment with more variety without having to individually mount everything. You can get a mini timbale with a cowbell if you are interested in experimenting with those additions. Cowbells are available with tambourines, as well.

Chick-Itas are another add-on for drummers looking to develop their sound. A chick-ita is a group of four shakers attached to each other in a cross pattern. They can be added above a cymbal or played alone. Jingle snares are another fun addition that might make a good alternative for someone who is thinking about a tambourine.

Drum set add-ons help make the drumming experience more fun for both the drummer and the listener. Whether you want to spice up the sound of your drum set, accessorize your cajon or find a new blend of sound with a custom rig, there is nothing better than hearing a variety of sounds come together in an exciting blend. Add-ons help make that blend a little more accessible. Many add-ons can also be played without the drum set, too, adding more versatility to an already adaptable set up.

28th Oct 2014

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