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Music and Mentoring

The journey that comes with discovering an instrument and learning how it is played can be one of self-discovery that affects many areas in life. From an early age, music can help with physical, mental and emotional development, including school and academics. As the musician grows older, the importance of finding an inspirational teacher or mentor can have just as much of an effect as the music lessons provided.

Many times, a musician finds a mentor in a favorite band while listening to the radio or other music. This relationship is important, but may not be as effective as a teacher-student relationship, especially when it comes to music. As a creative force, music may be best created and played through collaboration, a truth that is also evident while merely practicing scales, arpeggios or drills on a drum. Whether the instrument of choice is a flute or a Djembe, the student musician may find a sense of self through playing and practicing, but this sense of self is multiplied through the assistance and guidance of the mentor.

A music mentor provides more than instruction and education about an instrument or vocals. A music mentor also gives insight into the many different aspects of music, from the business of music to the creative process, and a whole world of concepts beyond the memorization and mastery of sheet music and technique. A drumming music mentor, for example, can not only teach the different styles of drumming on a drum set versus a Djembe or Congas, but can also provide personalized guidance into the history and cultural aspects of the various drums and give advice on how to truly embrace a personal drumming style.

With the world of music claiming an unparalleled diversity, the introduction of a mentor can have a wide range of benefits for the student. Bringing about a world of experience that extends far beyond the practice and pedagogy of an instrument, a music mentor can help establish, define and refine the meaning of music in the life of a student. A mentor has the ability to give students instruction that goes beyond the typical classroom or private lesson setting, these teachers help to bring a love and passion for music to students through the gift of life experience within the chosen music niche.

29th Oct 2014

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