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Meditation and Drumming

Meditation is a great tool for the reduction of stress and anxiety, and the promotion of focus and balance. It is widely promoted in both medical and spiritual circles. Meditation gives your mind and body a break from the chaotic, busy world. This helps to promote a complete sense of healing and relaxation. Many people find that meditation is difficult for them to achieve, and they do not realize the benefits they are missing out on. It can be hard to take your mind off a particularly trying day. Many people find that an easy way to meditate is through musical practice such as drumming.

Drumming is one of the best ways to incorporate music into meditation. It is an easy practice that does not require a lot of musical training. The drums can help to heighten your meditative state through their soothing tones and calming rhythms. The tranquil rhythm of a drum can be played in tune with the natural rhythms of the body. This helps to promote a sense of rest and healing within the mind and body. The act of playing the drum can help dissolve away tensions, and the repetitive sounds help to encourage a relaxed state of mind. The body can physically respond to the rise or fall in the pitch of the drum, allowing the music to deepen the physical sense of relaxation. The Djembe is a great drum for this form of meditation. It is used worldwide in many different spiritual ceremonies and is used to promote well-being and health in holistic circles. Drums have a natural healing quality that aids the process of meditation.

Drumming is a great solution for anyone who has ever wanted to experience the benefits of meditation, but can’t seem to stop their mind from racing. Even listening to drums, either live or recorded, can aid in the process of relaxation. Drumming is a great way to unwind at the end of a hard day. Meditation can also help combat end of the day fatigue. This is because meditation is a truly deep form of not just physical relaxation, but spiritual relaxation as well. Adding meditative qualities to the drumming session will only increase the benefits you feel in your overall health and wellness. This exercise can help to eliminate anxiety, promote a calmer state of mind, and improve the focus you have in your daily life.

28th Oct 2014

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