X8 Drums Online Djembe Lessons: Your First Djembe Rhythm

29th Oct 2014

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Learn your first (or a new) Djembe Rhythm! In this digital djembe video lesson, Michael Pluznick will teach you how to play a rhythm called Calypso with Caribbean roots from Trinidad.

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While this isn't a traditional djembe rhythm, it is very useful to learn as your first rhythm.


Learn how to keep the pulse of the djembe rhythm with your left hand using a light foot tap as a guide

Right hand leads the tone

Understand how to enter the rhythm

Learn how to add a tail to the rhythm

Multiple camera angles assist with learning the hand patterns

Learn step by step how to play the various parts of this beat. By learning it one part at a time, you can master each section before proceeding to the next.

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Pluznick djembe

by Michael Pluznick

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